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What is Local SEO ?

Local SEO is the process of optimizing your website and Google business profile so that they appear higher on the search results page.

How does Local SEO work?

Much of local SEO involves implementing your most important keywords in specific areas on your website and GBP. Also building backlinks from local sources, earning high quality Google Reviews, posting regularly on GBP all contribute to Local SEO.

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What can local SEO do for my business?

Improving your local SEO leads to increased website traffic, leads and ultimately sales for your business. Google search is the #1 place for local businesses to gain exposure. Users of Google search are often “ready-to-buy” customers, so capturing their attention with a well-optimized website and Google Business Profile is extremely beneficial.

Is doing Fort Worth local SEO worth it?

Yes, local SEO can be a huge benefit to your business. You will see more traffic to your website, increased leads and increased sales as a direct result from local SEO. Your business will benefit from increased visibility, higher quality traffic, and more leads coming in organically through Google Search and Maps.

What is a local SEO example?

An example of local SEO is optimizing your Google Business Profile to contain valuable keywords for your business. For example, a web design company should include the following keywords: “web designer near me” “website designer near me” “web developer near me”

These keywords should be placed in specific areas on the Google Business Profile such as the description, services, FAQs and customer reviews. This will increase the chances of that profile showing at the top of search results for those keywords on Google Search.

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